About the Arizona Wildcat Off-Road Club

The mission of Wildcat Off-Road is to recruit and involve it's members in adventure on the trail, learn the skills to keep their 4x4's right side up and running, and to keep the sport sustainable through responsible use of public lands; all the while keeping in mind the mission of student members to have fun so they don't go insane from studying, learn more about vehicle's, and graduate from school with something learned about real world problem solving.

The Quick Overview

Arizona Wildcat OFF-ROAD is one of the most exciting clubs at the University of Arizona. The club was the idea of four guys in 2003: Mike French, Tyler French, George Jones and Vern Johnson who took their love for off-roading and brought the club alive. Not only is this a club where members can get together and go hit the trail, members of the club build friendship, leadership skills, learn safe off-road driving techniques, learn about responsible land use, as well as better mechanical skills.

What does the club do?

The short? Off-Roading. But really? Rocks, mud, sand dunes, exploring trails in the desert... Trucks, SUVs, bikes, quads; someone in the club does it! Wheel it, repair/maintain it, modify it, repeat. We plan trips, social events, camping trips, garage days, hold meetings both on and off campus, organize recruiting events on campus, help our sponsors out, and get out of town as a group in our rigs when we can. Club members have also attended land use meetings held by both BLM and Forest Service concerning local trails in Arizona in an effort to contribute to the off-road communities ability to voice its concerns effectively.

Do I have to be a U of A student to join? What else can I learn about the club?

You don't have to be a student to join*, and if you want to learn more, continue to our become a member page.




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